FAQ Architectural Mesh

FAQ Architectural Mesh

We supply our architectural mesh depending on your preference as rolls or cut-to-size pieces, but mostly as ready-to install mesh elements including mounting devices in the specified dimensions.

While the maximum width of each mesh element is limited due to manufacturing process, the length limits are contingent on handling and technical considerations.

In most cases a facade of e.g. 20-25 m is covered continuously in height. Even longer elements can be executed subject to detailed technical inspection.

In consultation with the customer, our wire mesh elements are packaged carefully for transportation. Depending on the size of the individual mesh elements the transportation is carried out in rolled form or in flat elements.

After coordination with the customer, the desired assembly sequence is coordinated within the packaging units. To protect the wire cloth elements the mounting devices are packaged separately.

In most cases, HAVER & BOECKER provides ready-to-install wire mesh elements, including the required clamping technology.

The dimensions as well as the required degree of finishing for the project, affect the price per square meter significantly. Therefore it is wise to consider these factors in the early planning stages of your project.

Based on the needs of your project we will work out a tailor-made budgetary quote.

Architectural wire mesh made of stainless steel is non-flammable.

Once installed, our architectural meshes require no maintenance due to the developed fixing solutions for maintaining the tension of the mesh. Depending on the environmental conditions, cleaning the mesh might sometimes be necessary to improve the visual appearance of the mesh as well as to maintain the natural corrosion resistance.

For a majority of orders, our mesh is produced individually for each project. This leads to an average delivery time of approximately 8 - 12 weeks after order. This follows a timely clarification of all technical details.

For large projects the production of large quantities may result in longer delivery times. In case of smaller requirements the delivery time can be reduced, if the required material is already available. We try to keep our standard meshes in certain quantities of stock to be able to respond to your needs even at short notice.

Please contact us so that we can check the delivery time for your project individually.