Transparent Media Façade H&B

Transparent Media Façade H&B

The office building of the wire weaving divison was expanded throughout the year 2009 and a fourth floor added on the top. At the same time the building was clad with a wire mesh façade and it now appears in a shiny stainless steel look. As a special highlight the facade is equipped with a transparent IMAGIC WEAVE® LED mesh façade in top right area.

Transparent Media Façade IMAGIC WEAVE®

Over a width of nine meters and a height of 4,70 meters the mesh type DOGLA-TRIO 1030 is equipped with LED profiles: 222 profiles with a length of three meters each are attached to the back of the wire mesh: 74 times on top of each other and 3 times side by side. The appearance of the total façade remains uniform. Each of the 10.700 LED pixels can display over 16 million colors and be addressed individually. The LEDs are arranged on 62,5 mm centers horizontally and vertically. The aspect ratio of the façade is approximately 2:1; as a comparision: new LCD-TVs have a ratio of 16:9.

Each segment requires 8 feed cables, 24 in total. All feed cables run invisibly through the profiles of the substructure framing, are bundled at the bottom und led into the basement to connect with an air-conditioned 19 inch control cabinet. Depending on the resolution of the media source the Windows-based system can play all standard video- and picture formats. For a size of 42 m² the connection wattage of only 6,5 kW for the full façade is very low. The optimum viewing distance of the media façade is 45 to 60 meters.

The wire mesh façade

After completion of the building construction the preparation for the façade began. A curtain wall consisting of 481 m² of stainless steel wire mesh were installed by the HAVER & BOECKER crew. Herefore a 16 ton steel structure was erected, into which nine standard façade elements were installed. The DOGLA-TRIO 1035 panels are 14 meters long and three meters wide.

At the gazebos on the left and right side of the building the mesh panels are almost 12 meters long with a varying width. They are tensioned with flat tension profile, clevis bolts and pressure springs.

A Canopy made of Architectural Mesh

The extended building also received a canopy consisting of an additional 125 m² of DOGLA-TRIO 1035. These elements are bolted to the substructure with a 90 degree bent flat tension profile. The new façade offers a homogenous image, and depending on the viewing angle it appears transparent or opaque.

At the same time the mesh panels effectively connect the old part of the building with the added fourth floor.

Transparent Media Façade H&B


Oelde, Germany


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