TCO - Île de la Réunion

TCO - Île de la Réunion

Sun protection facade with HAVER Architectural Mesh

HAVER Architectural Mesh combines functionality and outstanding design in an attractive way. Due to its semi-transparent geometry, metal mesh is well suitable as external sun protection. It combines sun protection with excellent use of daylight, natural ventilation and good transparency from the inside.

For the restoration of the TCO head office the architects from Ground Architectes chose a façade cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh. The used stainless steel mesh should on the one hand visually enhance the façade; on the other hand it should ensure effective sun protection for the office building.

From a wide range of architectural mesh types the architects chose the stainless steel wire mesh LARGO-NOVA 2032. Especially for this project it was woven with varying mesh widths. In the area of the windows the 24 m long wire mesh elements have a lager open area than in the other sectors.

Haver & Boecker produced out of 1,500 m² stainless steel wire mesh 126 ready to install architectural mesh elements.

TCO - Île de la Réunion


Le Port, Île de la Réunion


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