Stair Tower Les Arcs 1800

Stair Tower Les Arcs 1800

Transparent staircase cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh.

Located towards Mont Blanc, Les Arc is one of the most famous ski resorts in the French Alps. Above the
Isère valley, the ski resort, surrounded by forests and precipices, is comprised by 4 villages: Les Arcs 1600, Les Arcs 1800, Les Arcs 1950 and Les Arcs 2000.

As a connection between the new indoor swimming pool in Les Arcs 1800, a new elevator and stair tower was designed by the architect
Yves de Preval. The tower received a wire mesh cladding from HAVER Architectural Mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1033. The stainless steel wire mesh DOGLA-TRIO is a robust meshtype, which gets its structure from clusters of vertical wires. In close up DOGLA-TRIO looks very robust but when viewed from a distance it appears as a delicate fabric.

Depending on sun reflection and viewing angles, the semi-transparent cladding made of wire mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1033 appears from the outside opaque or transparent. And from the inside, the wire mesh with its open area of 67 % does not affect the stunning panoramic view of the Alps.

HAVER & BOECKER supplied in total 473 m² of architectural wire mesh cladding for the stair tower in Les Arcs 1800.

Stair Tower Les Arcs 1800


Les Arcs, France


façade, balustrade, falling protection

Object Type

bridges / tunnel

Mesh Type


Yves de Preval