Scuplture of an angle

Scuplture of an angle

"Celestial Body“ made of wire mesh DOKA-MONO 1811

Scuplture of a baptist angel for the St. Nikolai church in Wettin

1st prize of the art foundation of Saxony-Anhalt.

"In order not to show too many details of the angel, the body is scenarized with transparent wire mesh. It is not a solid volume, but creates a spheric and imaginery appearance. In certain locations double layers of mesh create structures, that nevertheless offer translucency to light and the colored space behind it. Depending on the viewing angle the transparency fully merges with the space around it.

The sculpture works best with light and is therefore placed in front of a window."

Thomas Leu

Scuplture of an angle


Wettin, Germany


free figuration

Object Type

object design