School building Preisegg

School building Preisegg

Staircase cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh

Despite its stability, architectural wire mesh lends balustrades and railing infills a certain lightness and textile elegance. This was also the case with the exterior staircase cladding of a school in Preisegg, Switzerland. The architects from Huber Kuhn Ringli Architekten GmbH cladded the external staircase with DOGLA-TRIO 1030 stainless steel mesh. As a inherently stable wire mesh with an open area of 75 %, it is very suitable as fall protection.

Haver & Boecker supplied for this project 110 m² in 9 ready-to-install wire mesh elements including mounting system to Switzerland.

School building Preisegg


Preisegg, Switzerland


façade, balustrade, falling protection

Object Type

educational institutions

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Huber Kuhn Ringli Architekten GmbH