Parking Terre Sud à Bègles

Parking Terre Sud à Bègles

”We have designed a car park that combines savings of space and energy. As one example the parking decks are naturally lit. The outer skin of the building made of architectural wire mesh provides brightness and elegance. It is conceivable to use the structure for different needs, such as an office space.”

Daniel BERGUEDIEU, architect

Specifically planned through sustainable architecture and green spaces, a new residential area has been built south of Bordeaux offering the residents a better quality of life.

The parking garage in this new ecologically sustainable area "Terre Sud" is enveloped in 3,265m² of façade cladding which, from the outside appears to be closed but from the inside looks transparent and allows natural ventilation.

The product chosen by BBCR architects is semitransparent architectural wire mesh.

Together with HAVER & BOECKER, they developed LARGO-NOVA 2035 made from high quality stainless steel. This specially designed wire mesh fulfills the requirements of the façade cladding due to its open area of 59 %. The wire mesh ensures natural ventilation as well as natural lighting.

Photo: ©POSITIF photographies d'architecture

Parking Terre Sud à Bègles


Bègles, France



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parking garages


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