Parking Garage Obilicev Venac

Parking Garage Obilicev Venac

Car park cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is also used in the car park architecture to transform the functional buildings  into well-lite design objects. Both indoor and outdoor HAVER Architectural Mesh stands out due to an elegent appearance, and in doing so meets the highest demands of safety, stability and weather resistance. Stainless steel wire mesh ensures a bright atmosphere that brings together transparency and design in a unique way.

The public parking garage Obilicev Venac in the exposed city center of Belgrade also relies on woven wire mesh from Haver & Boecker. The parking garage was reopened on the first of July 2017, after a twelve-month renovation. The car park with its 804 parking spaces is located in the eponymous street Obilicev Venac next to the pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova Street. The buidling is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a parking lot and a relaxing day at one of the nearby cafes or for a walk across the Kalemegdan Park.

The Obilicev Venac parking garage is one of the first green car parks with LEED certificate in Belgrade. Besides the façade cladding made of stainless steel wire mesh type MULTI-BARRETTE 8301 from Haver & Boecker, the car park has received varoius features such as sun collectors, charging stations for electric vehicles and motion sensors for the LED light. In addition to 970 m² of stainless steel mesh, the façade of the parking garage was designed with vertical slats in the roof area as well as with colored and perforeated fiber cement penals.

Haver & Boecker supplied in total 40 ready-to-install wire mesh elements for the façade cladding including the proven mounting system.



Parking Garage Obilicev Venac


Belgrade, Serbia


façade, building redevelopment, falling protection

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parking garages

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Miroslav Stefanovic