Parking Garage MTSC Rostock

Parking Garage MTSC Rostock

"Modern design media such as large ceramic boards, stainless steel wire mesh and homogenous membrane ceilings are used in a direct and deliberate contrast to the traditionell clinker-marked surrounding area.

Another step to the development of the Silo Isle in Rostock is the erection of the Maritime Tourist Service Center with appr. 4000 m² of office and service area and a large parking garage for 340 cars. The exposed location and direct proximity to Silo 4and5 shape the design of the building complex."

Beyer + Partner Architects, Rostock

Haver & Boecker supplied 1.117 m² of DOKA-BARRETTE 8914 wire mesh and supported the local contractor during the installation of the mesh panels.

Parking Garage MTSC Rostock


Rostock, Germany


façade, falling protection

Object Type

parking garages

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