Parking at Stauferklinikum, Mutlangen

Parking at Stauferklinikum, Mutlangen

„Insight, outlook and perspective“– are the words architect Friedrich P. Hachtel uses to describe the new parking garage at the hospital “Stauferklinikum” in Mutlangen.

According to regional administrator Klaus Pavel, this new construction is the ultimate answer to the lack of parking space, both from economical as well as aesthetic point of view.

For the people in charge it was important not to hide the hospital “Stauferklinikum” with a functional building and to establish a reference to the hospital buildings.

Architects “SGP Architekten” from Meckenheim chose HAVER architectural wire cloth DOGLA-TRIO 1032 to partially clad the façade.  The resulting building envelope sets with its transparency and reflections visual cause and creates a unique appearance of high value to the building.  With an open area of 73%, DOGLA-TRIO 1032 offers good natural air ventilation.  At the same time this robust mesh offers protection to the public from falling.

A key feature of the car park is the logo of the hospital “Stauferklinikum” which is painted directly onto the wire mesh façade.

42 wire cloth elements with a total surface of 678 m² have been installed.

(Quelle: Rems-Zeitung, Offizielle Parkhauseinweihung am Stauferklinikum mit Vertretern aus Gemeinderat und Kreisrat, 02.10.10)

Parking at Stauferklinikum, Mutlangen


Mutlangen, Germany


façade, falling protection, coloring

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parking garages