Okern T-Bane Station

Okern T-Bane Station

During the renovation in 2010 by the architects „Heyerdahl arkitekter AS“ the station „Økern T-Bane“ got a wire mesh cladding made of HAVER MULTI-BARRETTE 8130.

The railway station „Økern T-Bane” is located between the stations of Hasle and Risløkka, in the North of Oslo. The architect Guttorm Bruskeland designed the station which opened on 16 October 1966.

Wire cloth specifications of the type MULTI-BARRETTE are made from solid rods and flexible cable clusters. The rods give stability to the mesh, the cables flexibility. Architectural wire mesh claddings with MULTI-BARRETTE create a light and semitransparent skin. Depending on the viewing angle the wire mesh façade appears transparent or closed.

In total 770 m² wire mesh type MULTI-BARRETTE 8130 were installed in different sizes from one to maximum seven meters. The woven wire mesh elements were installed with partly inserted round rods and welded flat profiles.

Okern T-Bane Station


Oslo, Norway


façade, building redevelopment

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airports / stations

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