Médiatheque Chateaugiron

Médiatheque Chateaugiron

500 m² of HAVER EGLA-TWIN 4253 was used to enhance the interior re-design of the media center in Chateaugiron, France.

Wire mesh elements with a width of 1.25 m and heights of 2.0 m up to 10.0 m were used to form ceiling linings and decorative partitions.

The horizontal ceiling panels are mounted in such a way that they deflect light to the areas beneath the ceiling. The sail shapes of the elements make the ceiling appear delicate and lightweight. The vertical partitions are made from a version of HAVER EGLA-TWIN that has a special feature! EGLA-TWIN VARIO has varying aperture sizes which creates different levels of transparency throughout the large mesh elements.

In some areas the wire mesh appears transparent and translucent. Whilst in other areas the mesh appears opaque and more light reflective. The changing transparency creates visual interest, opening up new vistas.

Médiatheque Chateaugiron


Châteaugiron, France



Object Type

educational institutions

Mesh Type


Dominique Bonnot Architecture