McGill University - Facade

McGill University - Facade

A modern wire mesh facade in the heart of old downtown Montreal.

Located amidst the Old Town, the EGLA-TWIN façade adds 21st century design to this beautiful part of Montreal. Several architectural wire cloth panels, each as a three part unit, cover the different levels of the building. Sun protection is combined with adequate transparency. The HAVER & BOECKER tensioning system using flat tension profiles and clevis screws ensures an optimum tension.

The cascade shaped façade marks the building: Rather than in a laminar looking assembly, the panels are arranged in staggered form creating an unique view when driving up or down the hill.

Elements made from the same specification, EGLA-TWIN 4313, have been used for the interior design of the building: So in the staircases.

McGill University - Facade


Montreal, Canada


façade, sun protection

Object Type

educational institutions