Mannheimer Swartling

Mannheimer Swartling

Fascinating light reflections with architectural mesh types TEXTURA 1991 and MULTI-BARRETTE 8106.

In the lobby of the Mannheimer Swartling law office two different mesh types has been used.

The architect decided to use MULTI-BARRETTE 8106 for the desk to get a sober and a  special welcome feeling for the office. The first thing you see when you enter this office is this desk.

TEXTURA on the wall has two purposes: First of all it is a work of art and with the play of light it lends an individual character to the lobby. It is also there to improve the acoustics of the office, using an acoustic material behind the mesh.

Mannheimer Swartling


Gothenburg, Sweden


wall, free figuration

Object Type

office buildings

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