Maison des Sports Talence

Maison des Sports Talence

Façade cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh.

The Maison des Sports is located in the heart of the French town Talence. The sports university was designed by the architect´s office JL Faye. The architects wanted to give the building a modern look – inside and outside.

Striking features of the façade are the overhanging illuminated boxes where portraits of athletes from different sports are displayed. Around these boxes custom-fit stainless steel wire mesh from HAVER & BOECKER were installed.

The architects chose the stainless steel cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh LARGO-NOVA 2034 for the exterior façade. The combination of round and flat wires gives the mesh type a very extensive appearance, which reflects light homogenously. With an open area of 58% the mesh also acts as effective sun shading for the premises behind it.

In total 1.471 m² of HAVER Architectural Mesh are used to clad the façade of the Maison des Sports.

Maison des Sports Talence


Talence, France


façade, sun protection

Object Type

office buildings