Le Parking des Halles

Le Parking des Halles

The architecture of car parks is almost tainted with negative associations caused by many functional and gloomy buildings. But there are some ways to make the architecture of parking garages interesting and attractive.

For example, the car park in the French town of Moulins has recently been renovated and transformed. The facade was enveloped in architectural wire mesh cladding made of EGLA-MONO 4391 by HAVER & BOECKER. The flat surface on one side of the wire mesh appears to generate patterns across the full plain of the façade created by homogeneous light reflections.

The wire mesh cladding not only enhances the appearance of the car park, it also increases it´s functionality. The open area of 52 % provides natural lighting and ventilation, allowing  energy costs for lighting and ventilation systems to be significantly be economized.

Le Parking des Halles


Moulins, France


façade, building redevelopment

Object Type

parking garages

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Pierre Henry Portron