Hospital St. Antoine

Hospital St. Antoine

The facade of the St. Antoine Hospital was designed to have a relatively small transparency. At the same time a good view inside out was required in front of the windows.

To realize this HAVER & BOECKER designed a wire mesh with a changing transparency within one mesh panel. LARGO-NOVA 2032 has an open area of 40% and therefore meets the requirements for the areas between the windows. In front of the windows, the distance between the horizontal flat wires was increased to achieve the requested view from the inside. Here the open area is 72%.

Wire mesh with varying openings offer architects and planners a large scope for design; individual structures can easily be generated. The facade at the St. Antoine Hospital for example has a distinctive horizontal structure.

HAVER & BOECKER supplied ready-to-install elements, despite the different openings only one panel in the height of the building. The change in the openings was conducted at the same location for each panel creating an overall homogenous facade. The gaps between the mesh panels are almost not visible.

Hospital St. Antoine


Paris, France


façade, sun protection

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