Headquarter Bayer Mexico

Headquarter Bayer Mexico

Curved facade cladding with sun protection

Highlight of the new Bayer Headquarter in Mexico is the curved facade cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-MONO 4991. The stainless steel mesh façade, which improves the thermal comfort in the interior and contributes to an environmentally friendly green building, consists of 2.400 m² wire mesh made by Haver & Boecker.

The transparent wire mesh with an open area of 54 % filers the sunlight in front of the glass façade, creating an aesthetic sun protection screen while maintain a cool, comfortable temperature in the area behind it. In particular with a high angel of incidence of sunlight, the structure of architectural mesh achieves effective shading and protects the interior from overheating during the summer. The semi-transparency of HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-MONO 4991 allows an abundance of natural light to flow into the building, so that the use of artificial light can be reduced during the day.

The up to 33 meter long and 3 meter wide mesh elements are attached to the substructure of the office building using the mounting system of round rods, eyebolts and pressure springs.

Headquarter Bayer Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico


façade, sun protection

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office buildings