Energy City

Energy City

Wall design with HAVER Architectural Mesh

Energy City is located in Qatar, between the commercial and residential area of the Dafna coastal region and the Lusail development district. It is the first business centre in the region dedicated to the hydrocarbon industry. Over 90 office buildings, a mosque and the headquarters of the Energy City of Qatar (ECQ) are located on the 72 hectare large area.

Wall design with HAVER Architectural Mesh
Thanks to its versatility, stability and exclusive appearance, architectural mesh is the ideal material for designing interior walls. The interplay of surface structures, light reflections and colour effects offers designers and architects a wide range of possibilities for combining impressive room design with reliable functionality. Also the high-quality stainless steel wire mesh meets all requirements for durability and safety.

Inside the office building the wire mesh MULTI-BARRETTE 8301 was used, which covers the wall like a transparent veil.

Haver & Boecker supplied more than 3.000 m² of ready-to-install wire mesh elements in various sizes and designs. Due to the openings, special shapes with sloping edges were manufactured and provided with a special fastening system.

©Photo: N. Kazakov

Energy City


Doha, Qatar



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office buildings

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