Domain 8

Domain 8

Car park cladding with HAVER Architectural Wire Mesh

The property for “The Domain” was purchased in 1999 and opened its first 65.000 m². space featuring offices, high-end retail stores, apartments and hotel spaces. The space was reclaimed from old IBM Manufacturing and administrative buildings. The strategy when proposing “The Domain” was to create a “second downtown” for Austin, Texas while increasing employee productivity through proximity to surrounding amenities.

The 8th building in the Domain was reconstructed in 2017. Domain 8 features almost 28.000 m² of office and retail space which houses offices for both tech giants, Amazon and Facebook. The 12 story building also features on-site parking at a 3.7:1000 ratio.

The buildings parking garage features 1600 m² of Architectural Wire Mesh from Haver & Boecker. Wire mesh facades are a favorable choice for parking garages due to the long-life span of stainless steel and the optimal ventilation they offer to the garage. To the fit eloquent aesthetic of the building, 30-foot-high panels of DOKAWELL-MONO 3601 of various widths were installed. All panels were equipped with the standard mounting system, a flat tension profile with clevis bolts.

Not only do the panels offer ventilation, solar protection and fall prevention, the panels also add a striking architectural element to the Domain’s first true large-scale office tower. The mesh offers excellent light reflecting properties while still offering great views from inside the garage.

Photos: © Paul Bardagjy

Domain 8


Austin, United States of America


façade, building redevelopment, falling protection

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parking garages, office buildings

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