Cocoon - SwissLife Insurance

Cocoon - SwissLife Insurance

"The bold stand-alone building embodies an innovative conception of interior spatial organization and interaction with surrounding environment. In doing so, it caters for a wide variety of workplace and occupancy concepts."

"The facade assembly consciously adds a note of subtlety and sophistication to the overall composition. The building is wrapped in a fine, almost scaly veil of stainless steel wire mesh. This curtain curls elegantly upwards in soft lines along the expanding spiral, its junction with the roof terrace accentuated by an open facade frame. The shrouded, sculptural stand-alone building, introverted during the daytime as it looks inwards towards the atrium, is recast in the evening hours as a transparent shining beacon."

Camenzind Evolution, Architekt

Cocoon - SwissLife Insurance


Zurich, Switzerland


façade, sun protection

Object Type

office buildings

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