Car Park Hôpital Civil Marie Curie

Car Park Hôpital Civil Marie Curie

Facade cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1010

Due to the functional and aesthetic properties of stainless steel mesh, it offers versatile fields of applications in the architecture of car parks. Architectural Mesh convinces with its noble optic and meets at the same time the highest standards of safety and stability in indoor and outdoor applications.

The Marie-Curie Hospital in Charleroi, Belgium, has a car park with a façade cladding made of HAVER Architectural Mesh. The architects from Art & Build chose the semi-transparent stainless steel mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1010, which allows with an open area of 72% natural ventilation of the car park.

The mesh elements with a height up to 7 m and a width of 3 m were supplied by HAVER & BOECKER ready for installation, complete with tensioning devices which consist of flat tension profiles, clevis screws and pressure springs.

Car Park Hôpital Civil Marie Curie


Charleroi, Belgium



Object Type

parking garages