Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum

For the Olmpic Games 2004 in Athens, the Atrium of the Benaki Museum received a facade cladding made from architectural mesh EGLA-TWIN 4253.

Not only new sport arenas were built for the Olmpic Games 2004 in Athens, Greece. Many other buildings have been upgraded for this event. The Benaki Museum for example was equipped with a facade cladding consisting of 361 m² of stainless steel wire mesh type EGLA-TWIN 4253. 12 equal elements were installed using the HAVER & BOECKER tensioning mechanism flat tension profile with clevis screws. At the bottom additional tension springs were incorporated. For the intermediate mountings of the 14,30 m large elements wire connectors have been used.

This new modern building has been built to house art exhibitions, gallery and cultural events on behalf of the Benaki Museum Organisation. The structure incorporates an atrium for several open space events.

EGLA-TWIN 4253 panels lend a dense feeling to the façade whilst at the same time they reflect and diffuse the spotlights creating interesting reflection shapes. This wire mesh specification offers adequate sun protection of the south facing facade of the atrium.

Benaki Museum


Athens, Greece


façade, sun protection, building redevelopment

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cultural/ convention centers

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