Arena FC Krasnodar

Arena FC Krasnodar

gmp Architects and Speech Architecture used over 10,000 m² of HAVER Architectural Mesh as ceiling design at the Arena FC Krasnodar, Russia.

The new stadium of FC Krasnodar was designed by the architecture office gmp architects from Germany and the Russian office Speech Architecture. The monumental façade of the elliptical stadium is a total of 43 meters high and covered with light-colored travertine. Still under construction, the stadium has already been nicknamed the “Krasnodar Coliseum”, because of its columns spread over three levels of the façade, which strongly resembles the ancient Roman Coliseum.

Not only the appearance of this impressive building makes the stadium unmistakable – it also has its own special features. Two of these highlights are the completely covered and with radiant heater equipped visitor ranks, as well as the futuristic 360° video screen over the entire upper level.

Ceiling elements made of HAVER Architectural Mesh
HAVER Architectural Mesh is suitable for covering technical systems. It meets the highest demands for fire safety and due to the semi-transparency the function of ventilation systems, air-conditioning and sprinkler systems remains without restrictions. Mesh elements can be realized straight or wavy, in strained tracks or in removable elements. Also technical components such as lighting fixtures or sprinklers can be integrated into the mesh ceiling.

Brilliant cladding with individual cutouts
More than 10,000 m² HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-MONO 5031 were installed at the interior and exterior ceilings of the stadium in Krasnodar. 6,800 m² of wire mesh were used on the 12 m wide partition in the outdoor area, which separates the public area from the stadium ground. The up to 4.7 m long ceiling elements made of wire mesh were folded by 90° and attached to painted frame elements. The elements are removable and have different cutouts for various installations such as lamps, video cameras and loudspeakers.

In total, Haver & Boecker produced 1,627 stainless steel wire mesh elements in 60 different element types with 916 individual cutouts.

HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-MONO 5031 has also been used for the access balconies and the interior of the stadium. More than 3,300 m² wire mesh in 1,560 elements and with 202 different types of elements cover these areas.

Arena FC Krasnodar


Krasnodar, Russia



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