66 Logements à Reims

66 Logements à Reims

Architectural wire mesh has not only a functional effect but also a decorative one. That also know PACE Architects from France. They used stainless steel wire mesh DOKA-BARRETTE 8914 only as a decorative element for an apartment building in Reims, France.

Therefor the wire mesh elements DOKA-BARRETTE 8914 with a width of 1.50 m and different lengths were tensioned above one till two floors between the first floor and the third floor.

There is a nice side effect. The wire mesh elements with the different lengths of 3 m till 5 m break and filter sunrays and create a small sun protection screen.

In total HAVER & BOECKER delivered 474 m² of wire mesh in 70 ready-to-install elements, inclusive the mounting system of round bars, eyebolts and pressure springs.

66 Logements à Reims


Reims, France


façade, sun protection

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PACE Architects