The Absolut Company

Metal mesh covering as bird protection.

The metallic building envelope made of architectural wire mesh by Haver & Boecker shines like a shimmering cube on the premises of the Absolut Company in Åhus, southern Sweden.

Due to the fact that the released warmth and the smell from the production area attract birds, which sometimes settle down to nest, the housing of the distillery cladded with HAVER Architectural Mesh serves primarily as bird protection. To ensure that no birds come into contact with the distillery, they decided to equip the entire production area with an envelope made of stainless steel metal mesh. After intensive research and consulting, they decided on a mesh cladding from Haver & Boecker including a large-format logo painting.

The HAVER Architectural Mesh type DOGLA-TRIO was used for the bird protection, which is suitable for many applications due to its inherent stability and the possible designs with different degrees of transparency. The metal mesh appears optically robust and secure at close range – when viewed from a distance it appears as a delicate fabric.

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