FACQ Melebeke

Longest mesh facade in the world?

The architect Gérard Courtoy designed the new FACQ building in Merelbeke. With an almost 300-metre-long mesh façade cladding, it is a real eye-catcher on the E40 highway. In collaboration with the architect and the general contractor Verelst Bedrijfsbouw & Renovatie, Haver & Boecker realised the vision of a shimmering building shell made of stainless steel mesh.

From the very beginning, special requirements were made on the wire mesh facade cladding. On the one hand, the facade cladding should appear transparent from the inside but opaque from the outside, on the other hand it should offer perfect sun protection with a very low g-value. Haver & Boecker fully meets the customer`s requirements with the stainless steel wire mesh LARGO-TWIST, developed especially for sun protection.

You can download the full press release.

Download: Wire mesh facade FACQ Merelbeke