Keyvisual Woven mesh facade

Woven mesh facade

HAVER & BOECKER is one of the world's leading wire weaving companies for woven mesh facades. Passion for innovation and openness to the world are the basis for our success since 1887. For more than 125 years we have experience in manufacturing, processing, construction and installation of woven mesh facades.

Due to the functional and aesthetic characteristics of our architectural mesh, it offers new and versatile fields of applications in architecture. An architectural woven mesh facade convinces with its noble optic and meets at the same time the highest standards of safety and stability in indoor and outdoor applications.

Facade design with woven mesh

Be it for new buildings or renovation projects, HAVER & BOECKER woven mesh facade offers architects and planners a multitude of design options for exterior facades which combine sophisticated aesthetic features with a great many functions.

A wide range of different types of wire cloth can enhance the appearance of a building, giving it immense individual character. Depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing angle, the material can appear transparent or opaque. Light and shade, sunshine and cloud are reflected on the mesh surface, creating either a shimmering metallic effect or the impression that the building has a second skin. Wire cloth constructions can also have a safety function, provide protection from the sun and absorb sound.

Manufactured from high-quality, stainless steel with molybdenum, our woven meshes offer good corrosion resistance requiring minimal maintenance. Tried-and-tested fastening systems enable mounting solutions to be customised, guaranteeing optimum safety in even the tallest of buildings and strong winds.

Expoland Lissabon, Portugal, sun protection with woven mesh facade

High design: ceilings made of woven mesh

HAVER & BOECKER woven mesh facade presents architects and interior designers with a wide range of options for creating striking yet functional ceiling designs.

Different types of mesh and surface textures, various installations and lighting make it possible to alter the appearance of the material imaginatively in order to create ceilings which are shiny, shimmering, translucent or opaque, cool and elegant or warm and discreet. Whether in convex or concave waves, stretched tight, in parallel rolls or as cassettes, our woven mesh facade can be used equally well on large surfaces or in small areas.

HAVER & BOECKER woven mesh facade is also perfect for improving interior acoustics and for cladding technical installations. It has a high fire protection standard and will not interfere with ventilation systems, air-conditioning systems and sprinkler systems.

Made of selected grades of high quality stainless steel and using a special final cleaning process, the wire cloth is also highly robust, durable and exceptionally maintenance friendly.

City railway Cologne, threedimensional ceiling cladding with woven mesh facade MONTANA

More and more possibilities: designing spaces with woven mesh facade

Our woven mesh facade reveals its enormous versatility in the design of objects, walls and interiors. Both its technical and optical properties offer imaginative construction and design concepts for interior and exterior use. Depending on the intended use, different types of mesh and coatings are available which are especially resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and mechanical influences.

Room dividers and wall cladding as well as attractive yet stable balustrades and railings or freestanding structures can be constructed both internally and externally. Moreover, combined with materials such as wood, glass or exposed concrete, a woven mesh facade creates exciting textural contrasts which enhance the appearance of both large public buildings and smaller architectural solutions. The play of light and shade, gloss and transparency also gives each project its own unmistakeable identity.

Clothing store London, wall cladding of the changing rooms with woven mesh LARGO-PLENUS 2027

Advantages of a woven mesh facade:

  • Natural Ventilation
    A woven mesh facade is light, durable and transparent, providing an array of benefits for your building. The transparency of architectural mesh allows it to act as a natural ventilation system. By utilizing architectural mesh on the facade of e.g. your parking facility, you can eliminate the need for costly HVAC systems, which will not only reduce energy costs but also have a positive environmental impact. Additionally, the openness of the woven mesh facade allows an abundance of natural light and air to flow and improving air quality in the space. Woven mesh facades can also lessen the cost of a fire protection system.
  • Weather Protection
    From harsh snow to dry desert heat or high winds, woven mesh facades are functional for any weather conditions. Our wire cloth made of stainless steel, aluminium or copper acts as an efficient and cost effective barrier to weather conditions around the world.
  • Fall Protection
    Made from stainless steel, our woven mesh facade is incredibly strong, rigid and durable, delivering extra protection from personal injury. Full-height tensioned mesh panels act as a protective shield from falls. Additionally, mesh railings can add an extra level of safety and fall protection.
  • Sun Protection
    A woven mesh facade offers effective sun protection. The horizontal wires of the woven mesh facade act as a light barrier, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your building.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    Stainless steel has a high amount of recycled content and is 100 percent recyclable at end of use. By using wire cloth made of stainless steel, not only are you getting a custom building detailed to your specifications, you are also increasing the sustainability of your building.
  • Low Maintenance - Easy Installation
    Our woven mesh facade comes ready to install with complete and easy-to-follow instructions. We provide unique engineering support and calculations for each project based on your necessary requirements and offer onsite assistance to eliminate risk. The mesh panels arrive with all required hardware, helping simplify the installation process. Once installed, stainless steel woven mesh facades require little-to-no maintenance.