Transparent Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE - Resolution and Viewing Distance

IMAGIC WEAVE® Resolution and Viewing Distance

The appearance of light animations and video content depends on the size of the media screen, the resolution as well as the viewing distance.

The size of the media screen in combination with the pitch of LEDs defines the quantity of pixels and accordingly the possibilities of displaying media contents.

Depending on the distance of the pixels as well as the type of LEDs, a certain viewing distance is required to realize the content in the best possible quality.

IMAGIC WEAVE® quality and costs
IMAGIC WEAVE® quality and costs

Three different criteria have to be considered with a defined viewing distance:

Pixel Pitch

LED Pixel Pitch

To get a homogenous appearance of the displayed content, the LED pixels have to merge into a uniform picture for the human eye.

To allow the human eye to recognize a homogenous area instead of focusing on singular pixels, a certain viewing distance to the media façade is required. This effect varies mainly with the chosen LED pixel pitch.

The bigger the pixel pitch, the further the viewer has to be positioned from the media face to realize a full picture instead of singular pixels Video content can also be recognized from shorter viewing distances, but it will appear coarse.


Size of the IMAGIC WEAVE® Media Façade

Quite often the minimal viewing distance resulting from the LED pixel pitch is the most limiting factor. To perceive the full area of the media façade at a glance huge façade require a certain viewing distance only because of the screen size. The bigger the façade, the further the viewing distance has to be to realize the full picture.


Displayed Content

The more detailed the media content is, the more important the optimal viewing distance to the façade. Easy colors, shapes or geometries also can be realized from very close viewing distances. Detailed content can only be realized perfectly, when the optimal viewing distance (considering the LED pixel pitch and the size of the media façade) has been chosen.

Due to the mechanical setup of a transparent media system and the resulting LED pixel pitch (> 25 mm), resolutions like “full HD“ (1920x1080) can rarely be realized (for comparison the pixel pitch of a current monitor is > 0.5 mm).

Generally speaking the following is true: The more pixels available for content, the more detailed videos can be displayed.

Close-up views can be shown on low resolution media facades, while panoramic views of landscapes can rarely be identified.

Media Facade Resolution