Transparent media façade IMAGIC WEAVE® ID

The transparent media façade IMAGIC WEAVE® ID allows the display from moving patterns to high-resolution video content on new or existing façades. The media façade combines the metallic elegance of HAVER Architectural Mesh with the wow-factor of latest LED technology from InventDesign. Unlike with non-transparent systems, the video content shown has particular transparency and appears to hover in front of the façade without completely obscuring it.

Customized solution: flexibility and individual design

The tailor-made IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade system has a modular structure and can therefore be scaled freely to any size and format. The wire mesh façade can completely or partially be designed as a media façade. In addition, areas with different LED resolutions can be realised within one project. For even more customization, the LED profile housing and the stainless steel mesh elements can be adapted with a variety of colours.

Perfectly adapted for outdoor use, the daylight-suitable media façade system offers various options for challenging requirements of architects and owners, allowing large scale landscape media design.



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Find out more about the quality components and the modular concept of our IMAGIC WEAVE® ID media façade system.

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LED Technology Media Facade


State of the art LED Technology.

To guarantee the best performance with regard to colour mixture, directional characteristic and brightness, the media façade system has been developed to incorporate the latest LED technology.

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