Wall washer with wire cloth

Be it for new buildings or renovation projects, HAVER & BOECKER wall washer offers architects and planners a multitude of design options for exterior facades which combine sophisticated aesthetic features with a great many functions.

Facade designs are distinguished not only by their impressive technology but also by the typical character their individual architects give them. Our wall washer with architectural wire cloth is available in many different patterns, allowing the imagination free rein when creating functional as well as individual aesthetic features. Both in their overall construction and individual details, such designs continue to set new standards in terms of the quality and optical effect of the material.

Hence wire mesh constructions satisfy much more than just the necessary protection and safety requirements, enabling architects and planners to transform even purely functional buildings into works of art. The vast range of wall washer wire mesh projects constructed all over the world by our company reveals the enormous potential of HAVER & BOECKER wall washer technology: from an office block to the 318-metre Aspire Tower in Doha, from department stores to airport car parks.

Wall washer from illumination with LEDs

Illuminated Architectural Mesh provides a beautiful transparent stainless steel facade by day and a vibrant veil of colour by night.

During the day the reflective properties of architectural mesh are especially appealing. The transparent media facade can look partially closed due to light reflection from the wires which together with the play of daylight, appear to be constantly changing.

At night the illuminated wire mesh transforms as the colorful LED’s bring the facade to life. The LED spotlights are positioned at the bottom of the facade and can be installed partially or completely across the width.

In darkness a seemingly static mesh facade is transformed into a dynamic wall of light, which appears to move harmoniously with the position and movement of the viewer. The presentation of vibrant color and lighting displays of the wall washer can be programmed individually. Virtually any colour can be created offering complete artistic freedom, whether it’s completely submerging the facade in one single color or illuminating with individual lighting effects.

Our advantages for your wall washer

  • flexible design
  • homogeneous appearance of the wall washer
  • longevity, energy and cost efficiency using modern LED technology
  • weather resistant
  • programming and intuitive operation worldwide
  • easy maintenance and retrofitting
  • individual service

Further arguments for LED wall washer with architectural mesh:

Natural Ventilation
Architectural mesh as the base of our wall washer is light, durable and transparent, providing an array of benefits for your building. The transparency of architectural mesh allows it to act as a natural ventilation system. By utilizing architectural mesh on the facade of e.g. your parking facility, you can eliminate the need for costly HVAC systems, which will not only reduce energy costs but also have a positive environmental impact. Additionally, the openness of the mesh allows an abundance of natural light and air to flow and improving air quality in the space. Architectural mesh can also lessen the cost of a fire protection system.

Weather Protection
From harsh snow to dry desert heat or high winds, architectural mesh facades with wall washer are functional for any weather conditions. Our stainless steel mesh acts as an efficient and cost effective barrier to weather conditions around the world.

Fall Protection
Made from stainless steel, our woven architectural mesh is incredibly strong, rigid and durable, delivering extra protection from personal injury. Full-height tensioned mesh panels act as a protective shield from falls. Additionally, mesh railings can add an extra level of safety and fall protection.

Sun Protection
Wall washer with architectural mesh offers effective sun protection. The horizontal wires of the mesh facade act as a light barrier, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your building.

Environmental Responsibility
Stainless steel has a high amount of recycled content and is 100 percent recyclable at end of use. By using architectural mesh not only are you getting a custom building detailed to your specifications, you are also increasing the sustainability of your building.

Low Maintenance - Easy Installation
Our wall washer with architectural mesh comes ready to install with complete and easy-to-follow instructions. We provide unique engineering support and calculations for each project based on your necessary requirements and offer onsite assistance to eliminate risk. The mesh panels arrive with all required hardware, helping simplify the installation process. Once installed, wall washer on stainless steel architectural mesh facades require little-to-no maintenance.