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Illuminated Mesh Façades

Illuminated Architectural Mesh provides a beautiful transparent stainless steel façade by day and a vibrant veil of colour by night.

During the day the reflective properties of architectural mesh are especially appealing. The Transparent Media Façade can look partially closed due to light reflection from the wires which together with the play of daylight, appear to be constantly changing.

At night the illuminated wire mesh transforms as the colorful LED’s bring the facade to life. The LED spotlights are positioned at the bottom of the facade and can be installed partially or completely across the width.

In darkness a seemingly static mesh facade is transformed into a dynamic wall of light, which appears to move harmoniously with the position and movement of the viewer. The presentation of vibrant color and lighting displays can be programmed individually. Virtually any colour can be created offering complete artistic freedom, whether it’s completely submerging the façade in one single color or illuminating with individual lighting effects.

Tailor-made solutions to suit individual requirements.

Lighting Solutions

Different design ideas and local conditions require individual solutions. Our team of experts is available to you to discuss the many various options of colors (RGB, only white, etc.) beam angles (synchronous, asynchronous) as well as the position of the lighting, to help you to create your perfect façade illumination.

Control solutions

From a simple "stand-alone" solution without control function to an interactive control with a combination of video server and Smartphone operation, the range of control options is wide and extensive.

Feel free to contact us we are happy to advise you.