Free configuration with HAVER Architectural Mesh HAVER Architectural Mesh changing rooms with HAVER Architectural Mesh

Free Configuration with Architectural Mesh

Versatility and stability, robustness and exclusive optical properties make HAVER Architectural Mesh the ideal material for designing spaces, surfaces and other functional elements for both interior and exterior applications.


With our stainless steel wire mesh you can design high-quality applications such as:

Architectural wire mesh lets you create beautiful staircase designs in combination with function and safety.

Architectural mesh can act as an effective wind and privacy screen. A change in viewing angles or using different lighting schemes creates ever-changing visual effects.

Take advantage of the elegance and significance of architectural wire mesh for the presentation of your company and products.

Transparency and robustness are the ideal properties of architectural mesh for creating aviaries. Depending on the shape the mounting system has to be adapted accordingly. By using black paint, the transparent effect of the mesh can be enhanced.

The various properties of wire mesh provide designers an almost infinitive range of possible applications. Wire mesh can be manipulated into a unique sculpture or used as an article of daily use such as a simple table. There are many wire mesh types to choose from.