Wire Mesh for Structural Alteration Works - Ostfoldbanen Holmlia Holdeplass HAVER Architectural Mesh for Structural Alteration Works

Wire Mesh for Structural Alteration Works

Architectural Mesh is suitable for the renovation, expansion or modernization of existing buildings. As a modern design element it can be used to connect old and new building structures – as a façade cladding, interior cladding or decorative protection.

Façade claddings with architectural mesh give existing buildings a new and modern appearance.

How is it possible to combine new and old building structures in the course of reconstruction, an extension or an addition of another story?
Implementing a mesh façade can give both the new and old building a uniform, modern appearance.

An older structure can effectively be protected by a cladding made of architectural mesh, while preserving its original characteristics.
The degree of transparency can be considered when choosing the mesh for the desired effect.