Keyvisual Architectural wire cloth

Architectural wire cloth for interior and exterior design

Architectural wire cloth from HAVER & BOECKER combines outstanding functionality with high aesthetic appeal, opening up new perspectives in creative design and enabling fascinating architectural solutions.

Our comprehensive range of designs provides architects and planners with a wealth of options when designing interior and exterior spaces. Our knowledge and experience of wire weaving and ready-to-install architectural wire cloth elements enables us to act as a reliable partner at every stage of the project: from the initial concept right through to on time installation.

The many projects that we have installed mirror our manufacturing ability. Along the way we have formed many creative partnerships with internationally renowned architects, culminating in a growing number of customers throughout the world relying upon our capabilities.

These projects - along with in-house engineering and construction departments, many patents, registered designs and trademarks - provide first hand proof of our architectural wire cloth and our unique way of weaving your ideas.

Airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle, revisionable ceiling cladding with architectural wire cloth DOGLA-TRIO 1010

Range of applications for architectural wire cloth in interior and exterior areas


Facade cladding with architectural wire cloth

Architectural wire cloth from HAVER & BOECKER gives outdoor facade architecture immense individual character. As a semi-transparent outer shell with outstanding properties, our mesh combines stylish, effective design with a high degree of practical use. IMAGIC WEAVE® media facades offer modern facade design a new dimension.


Ceiling design with architectural wire cloth

Used in ceiling design, the open weave of HAVER & BOECKER architectural wire cloth creates striking metal soffits with individual aesthetic features and functional reliability.

  • Surface, channel and frame constructions
  • Integrated lighting systems
  • Interior acoustic systems
  • Enclosures concealing technical installations
  • Fire protection

Free Configuration

Free configuration of rooms with architectural mesh

Versatility and robustness, stability and an exclusive appearance make HAVER & BOECKER architectural mesh the ideal material for designing spaces, surfaces and other functional elements for both interior and exterior use.

Designing space

Our architectural wire cloth reveals its enormous versatility in the design of objects, walls and interiors. Both its technical and optical properties offer imaginative construction and design concepts for interior and exterior use.
Depending on the intended use, different types of mesh and coatings are available which are especially resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and mechanical influences.

Room dividers and wall cladding as well as attractive yet stable balustrades and railings or freestanding structures can be constructed both internally and externally.

Moreover, combined with materials such as wood, glass or exposed concrete, architectural wire cloth creates exciting textural contrasts which enhance the appearance of both large public buildings and smaller architectural solutions. The play of light and shade, gloss and transparency also gives each project its own unmistakeable identity.

Qatar National Convention Centre - Internal Art Wall, wall cladding with MULTI-BARRETTE 8123

Patterns of diversity: the different types of architectural wire cloth

The types of architectural wire cloth and cloth manufactured by HAVER & BOECKER for these applications are every bit as diverse as the architecture itself.

Very different mesh designs with specific optical and lighting effects can be produced, depending on the warp and weft wires and mesh structure. The use of different materials and high-gloss, silky matt or coloured mesh surfaces further extends the range of designs.

Advantages of a facade made of architectural wire cloth:

  • Natural Ventilation
    architectural wire cloth is light, durable and transparent, providing an array of benefits for your building. The transparency of architectural wire cloth allows it to act as a natural ventilation system. By utilizing architectural wire cloth on the facade of e.g. your parking facility, you can eliminate the need for costly HVAC systems, which will not only reduce energy costs but also have a positive environmental impact. Additionally, the openness of the mesh allows an abundance of natural light and air to flow and improving air quality in the space. Architectural wire cloth can also lessen the cost of a fire protection system.
  • Weather Protection
    From harsh snow to dry desert heat or high winds, architectural wire cloth facades are functional for any weather conditions. Our stainless steel mesh acts as an efficient and cost effective barrier to weather conditions around the world.
  • Fall Protection
    Made from stainless steel, our woven architectural wire cloth is incredibly strong, rigid and durable, delivering extra protection from personal injury. Full-height tensioned mesh panels act as a protective shield from falls. Additionally, mesh railings can add an extra level of safety and fall protection.
  • Sun Protection
    Architectural wire cloth offers effective sun protection. The horizontal wires of the mesh facade act as a light barrier, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your building.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    Stainless steel has a high amount of recycled content and is 100 percent recyclable at end of use. By using architectural wire cloth not only are you getting a custom building detailed to your specifications, you are also increasing the sustainability of your building.
  • Low Maintenance - Easy Installation
    Our architectural wire cloth comes ready to install with complete and easy-to-follow instructions. We provide unique engineering support and calculations for each project based on your necessary requirements and offer onsite assistance to eliminate risk. The mesh panels arrive with all required hardware, helping simplify the installation process. Once installed, stainless steel architectural wire cloth facades require little-to-no maintenance.
Campus Universtiy of Bolton, free configuration with architectural wire cloth